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Outpatient Treatment

Introduction story

Gary began providing outpatient mental health services in Delta, Utah in January 2006. In January 2010, Gary and Stacy established Cornerstone Clinical Services, LLC as an outpatient mental health care clinic. Gary has continued to provide mental health counseling services to the residence of Millard County, Utah, and serves clients throughout Central Utah. In 2011, Stacy completed her Master’s degree in Social Work.

About Us

Cornerstone Clinical Services, LLC is an Outpatient Mental Health Care Clinic Based in Delta, Utah.
Licensed by the State of Utah (Department of Licensing #60702) for:

mental healthMental Health Substance Abuse

outpatient treatmentOutpatient Treatment for Adults and Youth Clients

telehealth servicesProviding Telehealth Services

Gary Andersen

Gary Andersen, M.S. CMHC (Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counselor)

Gary completed a B.S. degree at Weber State University in Elementary Education in 1993. He completed an M.S. degree in Psychology through Utah State University in 1996, with additional graduate level training from BYU and the University of Phoenix.
Gary has 20+ years of experience working with adults, youth, and families in a variety of treatment settings throughout central Utah. Gary’s broad range of professional experience includes public schools, outdoor youth treatment programs, residential youth treatment programs, and outpatient settings.

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Since 2008, Gary has volunteered his services as a member of the State of Utah – Critical Incident Stress Management team. This team provides crisis debriefings and related intervention services to emergency services and first responder personnel throughout the state. Beginning in 2014, Gary has filled a leadership role on the team serving on the team’s executive board, including a one-year tenure as chairperson. Gary plays an active role in training new team members and in the planning and development of on-going training. Gary co-authored a book with his niece, Lacey West, RN. Their book, “Living in the Light – How to fight the darkness of depression and anxiety”, was published in 2013.

Stacy T Anderson, MSW, LCSW (Master of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

Stacy completed her B.S. Degree from Weber State University in 1992 with a dual major in Social Work and Family Studies. She completed an MSW (Master of Social Work) in 2011 from Utah State University.
Stacy has 25+ years of professional experience. Her career with the State of Utah, Department of Workforce Services has afforded her a broad array of experiences working with women and children in need and recognizing the unique challenges that come from poverty, domestic violence and abuse, and other barriers to independence and healthy living. Stacy’s professional experience includes 20+ years of case management experience and 5 years as a supervisor and is currently a Licensed Clinical Therapist with the Department of Workforce Services. Throughout her career, Stacy has served on several community boards focusing on a variety of community issues including Intergenerational Poverty, Economic Development, and bridging gaps between public agencies and families.

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Gary and Stacy were married in 1991, and they have three children. They enjoy spending time together and have many hobbies and interests, one of which is photography and they occasionally provide professional photography services. They love to travel and camp and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, paddle-boarding, and kayaking. Gary has spent much of his life in service to others, including having served as a missionary for two years. Throughout his adult life, Gary has actively served youth through scouting and in community programs through coaching sports. Stacy is an avid runner and loves to read. Stacy has also provided many hours of community service in a variety of capacities.

Stacy T Anderson

Mission Statement

Our approach to client care is to provide a short-term solution-focused model, to assist the client in resolving the presenting concerns utilizing behavioral and cognitive-based interventions. Emphasis is placed on enhancing client strengths and building up existing skills and resources while increasing client skills through education and counseling. Client self-determination is highly valued. Care is given to build upon the client’s values and belief system when developing interventions and treatment recommendations. Clients and clinicians work together to develop treatment goals.

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